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Ships ToWorldwide

SingPost Standard Airmail (Up to 1.5kg)

Ships ToWorldwide excluding: Singapore
Maximum Order SubtotalUS $127.30
NoteRegistered Airmail with Tracking Number.
Weight FromWeight ToPrice
0oz3.52ozUS $7.58
3.52oz8.8ozUS $11.37
8.8oz1lbs 1.6ozUS $17.05
1lbs 1.6oz1lbs 5.12ozUS $20.84
1lbs 5.12oz1lbs 8.64ozUS $24.63
1lbs 8.64oz1lbs 12.16ozUS $28.42
1lbs 12.16oz1lbs 15.68ozUS $32.20
1lbs 15.68oz2lbs 3.2ozUS $35.99
2lbs 3.2oz2lbs 6.72ozUS $39.78
2lbs 6.72oz2lbs 10.24ozUS $43.57
2lbs 10.24oz2lbs 13.76ozUS $47.36
2lbs 13.76oz3lbs 1.28ozUS $51.15
3lbs 1.28oz3lbs 4.8ozUS $54.94

Singapore Local Self-Collect (By Buyer)

Ships ToSingapore
NoteSTRICTLY AT Blk 32 Bukit Batok Street 21 ONLY. PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST FOR SELF-COLLECTION AT OTHER LOCATIONS. Administrative Charge of $1.50 applies.
Price FromPrice ToPrice
US $0.00US $75775.95US $1.14

Singapore Local Delivery (By Seller)

Ships ToSingapore
NoteAll civilian accessible areas. Flat rate of $12.00. Within 03 working days delivery. Non-working days can be requested but not obliged.
Price FromPrice ToPrice
US $0.00US $75775.95US $9.09

Last Updated: 5 Aug 2016